Our Current Capabilities


What we work on:

Sports cars, sports sedan, even wagons. If it was meant to go fast, we would love to help. We mainly specialize in German makes, but we are interested in branching out.

Service & Maintenance

We can perform all forms of scheduled service. We use the factory maintenance service form to complete a thorough service of your car. Send us an email or call to find out more or get an estimate for your next service.


Sometimes, something breaks. Let us help you get it back on the road or track before it becomes a bigger problem.


Going to the track? We can help you in any way you need. 4 wheel alignments, corner balacing, brake upgrades, chassis & suspension upgrades. Drivetrains and engines.

Detailing Services

Need to get your sports car detailed? We can do light to mild detailing. We use mostly Griot's Garage products and we can wash, wax, clay bar, polish and seal your exterior. We can also clean out and treat your interior too.