Factory Maintenance Information

All vehicles comes with some sort of maintenance schedule. At certain mileage or time intervals, the manufacturer recommends servicing the vehicle to maintain it's overall quality, safety and performance. Here are some good sites that have the factory maintenance check sheets that are designed to give both the vehicle owner and the technician a proper list:



How We Work

All vehicles that come through the Iconic Garage of Virginia will be fully inspected and road tested, regardless of the work being performed. After we inspect the vehicle, we will make our notes based on safety and maintenance priority, including pictures and video. We will then design a proper service plan based on the needs of the vehicle. As you know, not all vehicles are used the same. A track car that sees mutliple track days a year will need different service than the weekend cruiser or show car. We want to make sure that the needs of the vehicle are met correctly.


Making sure the vehicle is safe to drive, for both the owner and the other drivers on the road or track is our top priority. Click here to go to our safety information page